NAO's report - The health and social care interface: SCIE response

04 July 2018

In the week the NHS turns 70, the National Audit Office have published a major report called ‘The health and social care interface’. The report looks at 16 challenges to improved joint working between health and social care, including finance, culture, structure and strategic issues.

SCIE chief executive Tony Hunter says

This report is so timely because when you talk about the NHS you cannot forget social care. More integration has been an aim since the NHS turned 50 two decades ago and it’s interesting to note that the NAO describe progress since then as ‘patchy’. But much good work is going on and should be encouraged. We’re pleased that our the logic model for integrated care features in the report. It describes what good looks like, providing a visual depiction of how a fully integrated health and care system might be structured and function, and the outcomes and benefits it should deliver for those who use services and their carers. The model is intended for local areas to use to plan and monitor performance towards an integrated system. And there’s no doubt that the appetite is out there for delivering improved quality integrated care as attendance at our recent webinars on the issue showed. As the NHS goes into its 71st year, let’s hope that integration occurs at scale and in an improved manner so that more and more people have better health and care experiences and outcomes.

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