IICSA report. SCIE response

06 October 2020

Commenting on the Independent Inquiry into child sexual abuse in institutions (IICSA) report on the Anglican Church, published today, Dr. Sheila Fish, Head of Learning Together, audits and reviews at the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), says:

This is sombre reading. Our thoughts are with the many clergy abuse survivors who will be dealing with the emotion of outside acknowledgement of their experiences and their pain. The IICSA report draws on SCIE’s conclusions from the independent diocesan safeguarding audit programme and SCIE’s work with MACSAS and survivors. Its recommendations seek to remove the operational role of Bishops in safeguarding, as well as improving responses to survivors. IICSA also recommends that independent external auditing of the Church of England continues. This is vital because, as the report states: ‘Culture change is assisted by senior Church leaders now saying the right things, but lasting change will require more than platitudes’. Finding ways to co-deliver audits with Church abuse survivors must be the next step.

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