Kath Sutherland Cash

04 September 2019

A tribute

At the beginning of the week we heard the very sad news that Kath Sutherland Cash died peacefully in her sleep. Kath was part of SCIE's Co-production Network and Co-production Equalities and Human Rights Steering Group. Kath contributed to loads of SCIE projects and activities including mostly recently the social work recording project:

Kath was an amazing woman who had faced enormous challenges in her life but somehow always radiated a positive, can-do, attitude. Kath had strongly held views and values but was always respectful and constructive.

Kath was such a force for good, a one woman integrated personalised care package. She had it sussed.

Tina Coldham, Chair of Involve and former SCIE trustee

Kath was a tireless advocate for other disabled people. She supported people through advocacy and her work with disabled professionals. Kath ran two organisations Startability and the Association of Disabled Professionals.

Kath specialised in advocating for people with complex needs and was often called in to sort out situations were relations between individuals and services had broken down. Kath’s clear-sighted understanding of people’s rights and her peerless diplomatic skills made her a brilliant advocate. Often Kath could help people reach a positive outcome even when this seemed highly unlikely at the outset.

The SCIE board and staff send their deepest condolences to Kath's family and friends, and to everyone who knew this wonderful woman.

Kath’s family have asked for donations to the Association of Disabled professionals.

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