King's Fund report on social care leadership. SCIE response statement

11 February 2021

Stories from social care leadership: Progress amid pestilence and penury

Reacting to the report, Social Care Institute for Excellence Chief Executive Kathryn Smith says:

This report talks about how, too often, social care reform is still being put in the ‘too difficult’ pile, despite it having a higher profile recently due to Covid-19. We would support the view that the report talks about driving improvements in social care locally. Real progress can be made here. We'll continue to encourage local authorities and social care organisations to transform care and support to deliver better outcomes in collaboration with citizens using co-production. So, we agree with one of the report’s conclusions that leadership matters at every level in social care, but that local leadership is critical.

SCIE CEO Kathryn Smith continues:

For our part we’ll continue to support the sector, including through convening the National Social Care Leaders group, and through the practical advice we provide to providers and commissioners and by aiming to influence better policy and practice nationally. We would agree that the National Social Care Leads group could have a more public remit and would welcome and encourage a move in that direction. We are also working with Birmingham University to develop a new leadership programme on leading strengths based practice which will equip leaders with the insights and skills they need to lead high performing strengths based teams, to be launched in the spring. All of these factors tie into the King’s Fund report, which encourages the strengthening of social care leadership.

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