Personalisation in care homes for older people

15 June 2017

New films and action planning tool

Personalisation means putting the older person, who lives in a care home, at the centre of everything they do. It focuses on their personal history and strengths, their hopes and ambitions. A new planning tool and four videos have been launched today, to coincide with National Care Home Open Day on 16 June.

Planning tool: Improving personalisation in care homes

Because much focus of personalisation has been on supporting older people in community settings, not enough is always being done to support people who are working to make personalisation happen in care homes. The tool will help managers, and owners of care homes for older people, to explore what personalisation means for residential settings. It will also support them to have conversations together about improving quality of life in the care home, even including people with complex conditions. The tool can help to:

  • Build a shared understanding of what personalisation means in a care home setting. This really useful tool can help you provide person-centred care
  • Identify and plan practical improvements that will make homes more personalised. It’s achievable, it needn’t be hard or costly to personalise care
  • Use co-production so that people’s skills, knowledge and assets are taken into account and used by the service to constantly improve at all stages of planning, delivery and review.

Four videos: good person-centred care?

The new videos reveal what person-centred care means; it emphasises the importance of choice and control; and introduces the idea that person-centred care is relevant for all adults and older people using social care services - whatever their needs or setting. People with experience of personalised services explain the impact that person-centred care has had on their lives. The videos also look at what person-centred care will mean for social care workers, aimed at registered managers, care staff, care home providers, commissioners and others. The films look at:

  • Getting started with personalisation
  • Seeing people are individuals
  • Communication
  • Examples of good practice.

The videos are supported by the Think Local Act Personal partnership.

SCIE’s chief executive Tony Hunter says:

Traditional, service-led care can offer little choice or variety by treating everyone in the same way. Person-centred care sees people shaping their own care to fit their personal needs, and having access to information about what could be available. The new planning tool and four films can really support managers, staff and others to provide personalised services in care homes to improve the quality of residents’ lives.


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