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27 March 2014

Everyone involved in social care will want to know about Social Care TV, which, it’s announced today, is being updated to fully support social care workers’ learning and development. Launched in 2009, Social Care TV is the online channel created to show the work and lives of people involved in social care.

Many of the 120 films in the catalogue have now been reviewed and updated, to focus more on learning and development. They include learning points, written in plain English, as part of staff members’ continued professional development, so that they can keep on improving the lives of people who use services. Films can be watched on computers but also on hand-held devices via You Tube.

Today’s announcement is being made at the Skills for Care’s annual conference in Birmingham. Delegates can visit the SCIE stand at the conference to witness the site’s improvements. The social care workforce will benefit directly from the changes, and social care employers will also see the value of introducing staff to the films. Social Care TV is ideal to use in training, as many films are less than ten minutes long. Many will soon include learning that can be mapped against the qualification and credit framework.

Updated films

All new and updated films have the improved format, with special learning points included. There is a full review programme under way for the whole catalogue.

SCIE’S Chief Executive, Tony Hunter, says:

It’s important that Social Care TV films are as useful as possible for people who provide care and support. The reviewed and updated film changes, announced today, mean that people’s learning can be improved. Social Care TV started in 2009 with a few films and now, four and a half years later, there are over 120 titles, covering a large range of subjects from child protection to dementia, from looked-after children to end of life care. Many of the films have now been reviewed and updated and the rest will follow soon.

About Social Care TV

Social Care TV, from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), bring social care topics alive through the stories of people who use services, their families, friends, and staff who support them. The films are available on the SCIE site and also on the dedicated Social Care TV You Tube channel. The film, ‘Getting to know the person with dementia’, won the best factual new media at the Older People Media Awards 2013. Films focus on supervision, integration of health and social care, dementia, dignity, mental capacity, safeguarding adults and children, personalisation and many other issues.

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