SCIE response to The Budget

29 October 2018

The Chancellor has announced today that social care will see £650m extra funding for 2019-20 and an additional £45m for the disabled facilities grant in England in 2018-19.

SCIE's chief executive Tony Hunter says:

It is encouraging that councils will receive social care funding of £650m, and that it will be followed by the reforms included in the Social Care Green Paper. It is however important that the new funding is put to the best possible use by English councils. Of course we recognise that councils are under pressure to reduce costs and maintain essential services whilst being innovative about how they spent money, often in the face of suspicion from local people. But can the funding be used in ways that promote better outcomes alongside better value-for-money? For instance, can the best possible examples of innovation in health and care be scaled up? Can reablement services be strengthened, for example so that positive preventative work plays its part in reducing the need for accessing the NHS in crisis situations? And building on this, can we fund initiatives that use the often untapped assets and skills that exist in communities? A shift to systems leadership is needed, establishing multi-disciplinary teams and personalising care and support across organisations. So our challenge is to use the money, not merely as a way of shoring up existing services, but as a means of embracing and increasing some of the innovative practice that is going on all over the country to improve people’s lives.

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