Visa extensions for health and care workers

15 June 2020

The Commons Home Affairs Committee says that free visa extensions should be given to all foreign NHS and social care workers. Kathryn Smith, Chief Executive of the Social Care Institute for Excellence, says:

We would support the findings of the committee. It was good to extend the visa extension list in April, but the cross party group of MPs are correct to point out that the list does not include jobs such as porters and cleaners. The committee’s recommendations make absolute sense as we must consider the whole workforce; one part of it cannot operate without the other. Many of the lower-paid employees have been putting their lives at risk along with doctors, nurses and others this last few months. Being added to the list is what they deserve; but, without them being on the list, the delicate structure of care and support that’s in place, to support those with and without COVID-19, could be compromised. Let’s do the right thing here and not undermine some of the successes that have been made during this pandemic.

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