Limit on care home visitors to be lifted: SCIE response

06 July 2021

The limits on named visitors to care homes will be lifted, as will the limits on numbers attending concerts, theatres and sports events. Kathryn Smith, Chief Executive of the Social Care Institute for Excellence says:

For many I’m sure that this will be seen as great news, for both those living in care homes who are desperate to see their friends and relatives, and of course those friends and relatives. It is the news that many have waited 16 months for and it is absolutely right that people living in care homes are afforded the same rights as everyone else in the community. However, it is still important to recognise that where people live in a communal setting it is never straightforward, and so we must respect the views of individual residents, family members and staff, who might be nervous of such a change so quickly. Many will want to see a continuation of social distancing, for instance, as well as perhaps choosing to continue with personal protective equipment such as masks. But, it is positive that we can see an end to some of the isolation people living in care homes have been feeling, and we can now hopefully look forward to putting the worst of Covid-19 behind us and securing the reform in care and support that is such a big issue at the top of the political agenda.

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