'Visiting out': SCIE response

04 May 2021

The Government says that care home residents will be able to leave their home for low-risk trips, from today, without having to self-isolate for 14 days afterwards.

Commenting on today’s news, Social Care Institute for Excellence Chief Executive Kathryn Smith says:

It is good to hear that at last care home residents can now visit some parts of their community away from the care home. Before the pandemic, choice and control was always recognised as key for all people who draw on care and support services, including in care homes; and this should still be what we aim to achieve. So these low-risk visits, where a follow-up quarantine is now not needed, are a welcome first step. It will be great to see care home residents voting on Thursday.

SCIE's Chief Executive Kathryn Smith continues:

Of course there’s a balancing act to perform between keeping all people who draw on care services safe and providing that care and support in a way that encourages choice and control, and we recognise that this is more so in group-living environments. This initiative though is a sensible start and let’s hope it will prove to be an important moment as the sector and society looks beyond COVID-19.


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