Help social workers record CPD and renew their registration

Featured article - 22 October 2020
By Claudia Downs, External Communications Officer, Social Work England

Claudia Downs, External Communications Officer, Social Work England

With just six weeks to go - at the time of writing - until renewal closes on 30 November, Social Work England are urging all social workers to act now by recording Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and applying to renew their registration. It’s important to remember that, as this is the regulator’s first year, you only need to record at least one piece of CPD in order to renew (although four times a year is recommended as good practice.)

CPD is not just another piece of admin – it’s essential for good practice, and a legal requirement in order to stay on the register. When you take time to record CPD, you reflect on your practice and decision-making. This can help you to approach situations in a thoughtful way, grounded in research, reflection, and personal experience. Structured learning benefits both you as a professional and the people you support.

Social Work England has been tackling misconceptions that CPD must involve formal training, and encourages social workers to consider different activities they already do that can count as CPD. This could include listening to a podcast, reading an article online, attending a webinar, having a discussion with colleagues, or simply asking for and recording feedback.

The regulator has also created resources to support social workers, to help make the process of recording CPD and renewing as simple as possible.

Tutorial videos

These short videos (both under ten minutes) walk you through the process of uploading CPD to your online account, and renewing your registration. Click the links to watch.

Suggested blogs

The regional engagement leads at Social Work England publish regular blogs. The ‘Reflecting on’ blog series is aimed at social workers who might be a bit stuck with what to write; they offer prompts to help you reflect on topics and get started with CPD. Click the links to read.

New blogs on CPD are regularly added to the website so be sure to check back.

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