Returning to SCIE

Featured article - 21 December 2021
By Eleanor Mould, Project Coordinator: Social Care Institute for Excellence

I hesitantly left SCIE in February 2020, after a year of working on Baker Street to move back home to Lincolnshire. Within a month of being back home the country was in lockdown and we were working from home. Working life looked worlds different to the previous month. After a year and a half working from home, I realised how much I missed working at SCIE. I had always spoken so highly of my time at SCIE and my work there even my family said I should look if there were any jobs available at SCIE. My family had noticed how much I was missing having passion for my work.

COVID has made everyone reconsider what is important to us and if the way we work and what we do for work suits our lifestyle, ‘The great resignation’ as it has been coined has seen 41% of workers considering quitting their jobs as an impact of COVID. I think the impact of COVID for me was finding work I was passionate about and motivated for again. Bringing work into my home made me realise how important it was to really enjoy my job.

Thinking of moving jobs and my next steps I thought of everything that mattered to me, I decided I wanted to feel trusted in a role, encouraged, and enabled by managers and senior leaders. I wanted to work in an organisation where I felt everyone truly wanted to see others succeed and was an organisation, I was proud and passionate to work for. I realised that I had all of this at SCIE.

The work SCIE does is so important and has such significant real-world impacts on people’s lives it’s a privilege to be involved in the work. SCIE’s values as an organisation and SCIE’s skill to use Co-production in all we do makes working here unique, educational and vital to truly improving social care for its users. Being involved in Co-production across the different projects we work on and at the annual Co-production festival hosted by SCIE really highlights the impact the work SCIE does can have.

Having the opportunity to return to SCIE is incredible. I know SCIE has had a lot of challenges and changes in the 18 months whilst I was away, but it remains the positive, trusting, and impactful charity we can all be proud of. The shared values of all staff members and the passion for our work really shows.

The welcome I have received has been amazing and really feels like coming home. Thank you SCIE for having me back!

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