SCIE opinion - 15 March 2011

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Photograph of Karen Burrell

SCIE's Parental Mental Health guide helped me reunite a child with their mother

Karen Burrell, Social Worker, Children and Families

I studied social work in Cambridge. My third year placement was with Peterborough's Children's Services in Referral and Assessment. Since qualifying I have been working for Peterborough Children in Need Team, and have just completed the NQSW programme.  I am now going onto the Early professional development (EPD) programme with support from my employer.

As a student I found SCIE's resources useful for research. From their Good Practice Framework through to their e-learning resources, and recently the workforce development products.

As an NQSW I have continued to use them - the NQSW resource covering the 12 outcome statements contained in the NQSW framework has been a good resource in my first year of work. Knowing the information is easily available if you need it is comforting and refreshes your memory whenever you hit what I call the 'blind spot', and you are unsure which course of action to take next.

But most importantly their practice guides support me in taking decisions that make a positive difference to children and families' lives every day. Following the Parental Mental Health resource guides as a student, helped me to successfully reunite a child living in a foster home with their mother, which was a good outcome for everyone involved. The new  Think child, think parent, think family, is the latest resource I have accessed and used as guidance in my practice.

For me the clear format and colours used on their website are also noticeable - I am marginally colour-blind and have difficulty using some websites, but the colours on SCIE's website are really accessible. Now working in Peterborough and talking to the current students, I always recommend SCIE.

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