SCIE opinion - 25 February 2011

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Photograph of Robert Templeton

Personalisation: what we know now

Robert Templeton, Head of Transforming Adult Social Care

'Self-directed support and personal budgets can lead to better outcomes at the same cost as traditional services'

Personalisation has been our theme this month at SCIE and the statement above is just one of the facts we know through our research on the topic, as featured in our Personalisation, productivity and efficiency report. Our research highlights proven practice for commissioners, social workers, care workers and others. Commissioners need to focus on outcomes, and be creative about the services they commission to support them.

All of SCIE's resources on personalisation

Personalisation means starting with the person and their individual circumstances. However, it's not just about social care. People need a full range of support from public services, so professionals from other sectors need to be engaged with. More and more care and support is being integrated between various agencies. SCIE is here to help. Our briefing, Implications for NHS Staff, is useful, as is our briefing for housing providers. We also have similar briefings for other professionals, for instance occupational therapists, and staff in community mental health services. You can order a copy of our very popular Personalisation: a rough guide.

Find out more: See all of SCIE's personalisation resources on this topic, or view ten films on personalisation on Social Care TV.

SCIE's new resources on personalisation this month

In February, we've discovered more facts on personalisation, along with tips for good practice:

Next month's theme

The theme for the month is Social Work. Keep an eye on the homepage for links to our social work resources. Our first opinion in March will be about the Social Work Reform Board, how we've contributed to it and how it affects our work. We will be releasing a new film on Social Care TV and remember that it's World Social Work Day on 15 March.