SCIE opinion - 25 March 2011

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Photograph of Hugh Constant

Social work

Hugh Constant, Practice Development Manager

SCIE's theme for March has been social work. Until recently I was working as a social work manager in the adult learning disability team at Tower Hamlets. This area can sometimes be forgotten as some people may associate social work only in terms of children and their families. At SCIE we're here to cover all areas; this month has seen three new films on Social Care TV under the title 'What is Social Work?'

One film joins the team at Sunderland's Older People's Team, showing how social workers use their analytical skills to get results. Another is a fly-on-the-wall film following Liz, from the Children and Family Team in Tameside, Greater Manchester. The third shows out-of-hours worker Sam from Telford's Emergency Duty Team, dealing with a number of different cases. Click here to see these three films. They show the range of skills required and challenges that social workers can face in a variety of roles. They were a joint production from SCIE and The College of Social Work.

At SCIE we have a social workers support pages, which includes information for newly qualified social workers, valuable insights into how to implement the Mental Capacity Act and details of how adult services can provide more personalised services. Full details are listed after this opinion.

We know that good social care means getting services to work together. This means good communication with agencies such as health, housing and education. The SCIE Learning Together model for children's safeguarding is helpful to anyone in child protection multi-agency services. This includes not just social workers, but also Local Safeguarding Children Boards chairs and members; serious case review panel chairs and members; overview report authors; individual management review authors; staff involved in serious case reviews; directors and assistant directors of children's services; and lead members of council committees. It's a full list, but this shows how complex social work can be. It's also a really rewarding career.

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Social workers page

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Newly qualified social workers

This resource has been designed to support you to meet the 12 outcomes statements contained in the NQSW framework in adult services developed by Skills For Care

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