Improving the Church of England’s responses to survivors of abuse and people at risk of harm

Take part in an independent, confidential survey

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has been commissioned by the Church of England (C of E or ‘the Church’) to help improve how the Church treats people who have been abused or are at risk of harm. We are seeking the views of people with first-hand experience to find out what a good response from the Church should look like. The results of this survey will complement learning from an independent audit by SCIE of safeguarding arrangements in all 42 dioceses across England.

There is still time to take part in the survey. Responses before 8th August will be analysed to form a report to be published in October. This report is an important opportunity to maximise the impact of people’s contributions, by bringing the survey results together with the results of SCIE’s independent audits of diocesan safeguarding arrangements, to identify systemic issues that hindering good Church responses.

The survey will also remain open after August 2018. We are aware that some people may need help, support and time to respond. SCIE will incorporate all new material into the eventual summary. We anticipate the overall assessment of responses will be made in January 2019.

The Church has an obvious responsibility for anyone who has been abused by people who work for the Church, whether clergy, lay officers or volunteers. The Church also has a wider commitment to keep everyone involved in Church activities safe, including people who have been abused outside Church settings and turn to the clergy for pastoral support, and those who feel unsafe for any other reason.

The aim of this survey is to learn from survivors and victims of abuse and neglect, as well as from people who may be particularly vulnerable to harm. We want to help the Church of England to treat people who have been abused, or who need help to keep safe, in a way that works best for those individuals.

Please complete the survey on PC or laptop – it is not possible on mobile devices.

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Using these Word and PDF formats allow you to give as in-depth and detailed responses as you wish to.

Please email your completed form back to SCIE Learning Together, clearly stating in the subject line: C of E survey.

Findings from submissions received before 8 August 2018 will be published later in October 2018.