How to use the care home action plan

You can complete the questions online but you may find it more helpful to print out the pdf version and use a paper copy instead using the download on this page entitled Care home action plan. Sitting together with people without being distracted by a computer screen can help create better conversations.

Once you've finished, you can feed your answers into the online tool to record your conversations and check your progress. The system will record your answers and save them for next time so you can build up a picture over time of how you’re doing against each of the themes. You can do one or two sections at a time if that is more manageable.

Once you have explored a topic and come up with your best answer to the question you can use the forward planning section to carry on the conversation and work out what you can do collectively to improve things.

For more information on how to use the care home action plan, please refer to the Care home action plan - user guide download on this page.