Case study: Bed based intermediate care: Somerset Care and Yeovil District Hospital

95% of people were discharged home from Cooksons Court
42% of patients required a reduction in their predicted home care packages upon discharge
£1.6m savings in ongoing care costs

The issue

In 2015, Somerset County Council’s significant deficit meant that doing more of the same was not an option. Its task was to save money for the health and care system and improve the health and wellbeing of some of residents with highest levels of need.

The project

Yeovil District Hospital purchased 18 beds at Somerset Care’s nursing home in Yeovil (Cooksons Court) to become intermediate care rehabilitation beds.

Members of the hospital’s Rehabilitation Team work alongside Somerset Care nurses as a single team. They identify and assess patients in hospital to determine outcome goals and, with consent, transfer them to Cooksons Court for a ten-day period of intensive reablement. At the end of the period they are assessed and discharged home, with or without home care and support, as required.

The overall aims of this collaboration was to:

  • improve patient flow at Yeovil District Hospital
  • reduce unnecessary length of hospital stay
  • enable reablement in an appropriate environment
  • maximise patient clinical outcomes
  • reduce ongoing costs of care.


Feedback from people who have used the service shows the extent to which they have valued the care and expertise of staff.

There are no words to express my gratitude, thank you with all my heart. I’ve been born again.


Further information

Somerset Care and Yeovil District Hospital: Cooksons Court – full case study