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Carers Trust Wales

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The Carers Trust Wales team consists of eight members, some of whom work on a part time basis. The team is funded by the Welsh Government Sustainable Social Services Grant as well as by other statutory and non-statutory funders. Carers Trust Wales works with a network of twelve independent carers organisations that provide a range of specialist advice and support services for carers across 18 of the 22 local authorities in Wales. Carers Trust Wales supports the Network by providing them, and the 30,000 carers they support, with a national voice and engagement opportunities. Alongside this, Carers Trust Wales provides practical support to the network through the delivery of training, advice, carer grants, operational policy and specialist advice and support.

Over the last 18 months Carers Trust Wales has developed and delivered campaigns, such as Time to be Heard (see below video) to ensure that carers have their voices heard. Carers Trust are instrumental in creating the momentum for and the development of a Ministerial Advisory Group for Carers which provided expert evidence to the Welsh Government and a number of Assembly Committees on a range of issues including loneliness and isolation, the cost of caring for an ageing population and the Dementia Action Plan. This has successfully secured additional funding for carers and carers services including additional funding for respite care and the ring-fencing of funding for projects relating to carers as part of the Integrated Care Fund (ICF). Carers Trust have are supporting the implementation of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014, through the development of resources and the delivery of training for professionals.

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Befriending, mentoring and peer support; Information and advice; Community services; Low-level support; Carers support

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Carers in Wales

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