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Carers Leeds

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Project evaluation

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Outcome evaluation; Survey; Focus group; Interviews

Prevention service description

Carers Leeds support on average 3,300 new carers in a year, send a bi-monthly newsletter out to 10,500 carers and receive around 60 calls per weekday to their Advice Line. The service is mostly delivered by the Carers Leeds team which consists of 39 paid staff such as Carer Support Workers and 65 volunteers. Carers Leeds offers direct support (face-to-face, telephone and email) to carers and maintains an active website that is frequently updated with advice, services and events such as peer support group meetings. The charity ensures that carers and their families are getting the right income, can exercise choice over services offered, receive respite from caring, and have access to information about support services for the person they are caring for. The underlying premise seeks to be preventative because the better the support available for carers, the more likely it is that the person with care needs and their carer remain well and supported, thus avoiding crisis situations. Carers Leeds report that they get extensive feedback from carers telling them that the information, advice and support that they receive is extremely beneficial and helps them to cope with life circumstances that can be very difficult.

In order to maximise mental and physical wellbeing for carers, help is available on a range of issues including welfare benefits, access to services, getting a break from caring and targeted help with their physical and mental health needs. Specialist services are offered to carers of people with mental health issues, dementia, where the carer is affected by substance misuse, or is a young adult carer aged 16-25. Carers Leeds is committed to equal opportunities and diversity, offering unique services for carers from Black, Minority and Ethnic (BME) communities and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Questioning (LGBTQ) carers. Support for carers of people with mental health issues or learning disabilities is delivered by staff sub-contracted to an NHS provider. Carers Leeds funds one post supporting carers from BME communities and works in partnership with Touchstone, a Leeds based community mental health and housing project with expertise in supporting BME people.

Intervention/service type:

Information and advice; Community services; Carers support; Social prescribing

Target client group(s):


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