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Plymouth: local system review report




Care Quality Commission

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This local system review of Plymouth is one of 20 targeted reports to examine how older people move through the health and social care system, with a focus on the interfaces between services. It focuses on three key areas: maintaining the wellbeing of a person in their usual place of residence; crisis management; and step down, return to usual place of residence and/ or admission to a new place of residence. As well as analysis of local data, the review sought feedback from system leaders, people delivering care, and people who use services, their families and carers to examine whether services were: safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well led. The review found there was a shared ambition among system leaders for the integration of service delivery in Plymouth and a clear framework for interagency collaboration. It also found examples of staff working in an integrated way. However the experience of people receiving health and social care services was varied, with some negative experiences of discharge from hospital and missed opportunities to better utilise voluntary and community sector services in terms of maintaining people at home and avoiding hospital admission. Suggested areas for improvement include: more attention to commissioning for prevention and early intervention to improve sub optimal performance and the need for organisational development work to break down any organisational barriers and ensure there is a shared understanding among staff of their role in achieving integration at an operation level. (Edited publisher abstract)

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