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Commissioning for health and well-being: an introduction




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Commissioning is now a key task for health and social care. While commissioning was important under New Labour, it seems set to be even more fundamental now as commissioners have to make decisions about future services in an era of austerity. This book explores what commissioning is, where it has come from, and where it might be going. It comprises a compilation of separate papers from a wide range of experts from fields including health care, social care, and local government. The book starts with an overview of policy and the history of commissioning. The next group of chapters takes the reader through key stages of the commissioning cycle, considering issues such as decision making and priority setting, procurement and market management, commissioning for service resilience, and commissioning for quality and outcomes. The final 4 chapters pick up on cross-cutting themes, such as the economics of commissioning, user involvement, joint commissioning and commissioning in an era of personalisation. The book is likely to be of interest to everyone involved in the planning and delivery of health and social care including social policy students, health and social care practitioners, managers and policy makers.

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Prevention in social care

Prevention in social care What it means, the policy context, role for commissioners and practitioners and the evidence base.

H4All wellbeing service

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Moving Memory

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Chatty Cafe Scheme

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Oomph! Wellness

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LAUGH research project

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KOMP Practice example about how KOMP, designed by No Isolation is helping older people stay connected with their families
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