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Revitalise Respite Holidays

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Revitalise’s three centres, in Chigwell, Southampton and Southport provide nearly 5,000 weeks of breaks to people with disabilities and their carers, 284 of them exclusively for people with living with Alzheimers and dementia. The breaks feature a wide variety of excursions and entertainment, including themed weeks (such as arts and culture, action, music, and sunshine). A diverse range of activities, including boccia, fitness classes, and arts and craft sessions are provided for those who prefer to prefer to spend more time at the residential centres. The provision of 24 hour on-call nursing care and specialised equipment at the centres means that families can focus on relaxing and connecting with each other and other families.

Intervention/service type:

Carers support

Target client group(s):

Carers; Adults with physical disabilities

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