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Proactive Primary Care

Lead service provider/commissioner


NHS Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group

Type of knowledge

Type of knowledge:

Project evaluation

Type of evaluation:

Outcome evaluation; Survey

Prevention service description

This project was based on a study from Michigan in which the health behaviour of people with LTCs showed significant improvement after telephone support. The feasibility of the approach was tested in a pilot study in 2012 with 70 patients from one GP practice. After making recommended changes, this was extended to 5 practices across Lewisham from January 2014.

The test group consisted of people with two or more LTCs, selected from practice patient lists. Practices were able to exclude people for whom they felt the project was inappropriate and add those who they felt would benefit. Telephoners asked the test group certain questions over the course of the three calls which contributed to the evaluation, the very positive results of which are described below.

Intervention/service type:

Information and advice; Low-level support; Self-care

Target client group(s):

Adults with long-term health conditions

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