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Prevention examples by organisation:

Caerphilly County Borough Council (1)

Cambridgeshire County Council (2)

Campaign to End Loneliness (2)

Cardiff Metropolitan University (1)

Carers Leeds (1)

Carers Trust Wales (1)

Centre for Ageing Better (1)

Chatty Cafe Scheme (1)

Cochrane (2)

Community Agents Essex (1)

Community Circles (1)

ConnectWELL (1)

Contact the Elderly (1)

Cyngor Sir Ceredigion County Council (1)

Prevention examples by subject:

Cancer (1)

Capacity building (27)

Care Act 2014 (12)

Care homes (46)

Care pathways (2)

Care planning (3)

Care plans (1)

Care providers (8)

Care reform (4)

Care workers (5)

Care workforce (1)

Carers (60)

Carers assessment (2)

Case management (1)

Case studies (113)

Challenging behaviour (2)

Change management (8)

Charges (1)

Charities (7)

Child and adolescent mental health services (2)

Child day care (1)

Child protection (2)

Children (11)

Childrens social care (1)

Choice (10)

Citizenship (1)

Clinical commissioning groups (6)

Cognitive behavioural therapy (2)

Cognitive impairment (5)

Collaboration (7)

Commissioning (54)

Communication (8)

Communication skills (1)

Communities (59)

Community care (41)

Community centres (2)

Community development (107)

Community groups (19)

Community health care (4)

Community mental health services (2)

Community mental health teams (2)

Community nurses (2)

Community service (7)

Community work (21)

Comparative studies (1)

Compassion (1)

Complex needs (17)

Computer apps (5)

Computer games (2)

Computers (1)

Consultancy (1)

Consultation (2)

Continuing professional development (1)

Continuity of care (3)

Contract procedures (1)

Contracts (1)

Coping behaviour (5)

Co-production (28)

Cost effectiveness (76)

Costs (29)

Counselling (3)

Covid-19 (10)

Criminal justice (1)

Crisis intervention (1)

Crisis resolution (1)

Cultural identity (1)

Cutbacks (1)


Moving Memory

Moving Memory Practice example about how the Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company is challenging perceived notions of age and ageing.

Chatty Cafe Scheme

Chatty Cafe Scheme Practice example about how the Chatty Cafe Scheme is helping to tackle loneliness by bringing people of all ages together

Oomph! Wellness

Oomph! Wellness Practice example about how Oomph! Wellness is supporting staff to get older adults active and combat growing levels of social isolation


KOMP Practice example about how KOMP, designed by No Isolation is helping older people stay connected with their families

LAUGH research project

LAUGH research project Practice example about a research project to develop highly personalised, playful objects for people with advanced dementia
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