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Prevention examples by organisation:

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council (1)

Shropshire Council (1)

SMART Cranleigh (1)

Somerset Care and Yeovil District Hospital (1)

South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust (1)

Stay Up Late (1)

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (1)

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (1)

Stoke on Trent City Council (1)

Prevention examples by subject:

Safeguarding adults (3)

Safeguarding children (1)

Savings (2)

Schizophrenia (1)

Screening (1)

Self care (17)

Self-assessment (2)

Self-concept (4)

Self-directed support (5)

Self-esteem (5)

Self-help (2)

Self-help groups (1)

Sensory impairments (3)

Serious case reviews (1)

Service brokerage (1)

Service development (27)

Service provision (9)

Service transitions (2)

Service uptake (2)

Service users (12)

Severe mental health problems (6)

Shared housing (4)

Shared lives schemes (10)

Sheltered housing (5)

Short break care (8)

Skills (1)

SMEs (1)

Smoking (1)

Social activities (16)

Social capital (7)

Social care (31)

Social care professionals (1)

Social care provision (21)

Social care staff (2)

Social enterprises (10)

Social exclusion (5)

Social fund (1)

Social housing (2)

Social inclusion (28)

Social isolation (101)

Social networks (56)

Social policy (2)

Social prescribing (53)

Social problems (1)

Social services (1)

Social value (8)

Social welfare (1)

Social work (5)

Social work education (1)

Social workers (3)

Socioeconomic groups (1)

Spirituality (2)

Staff (3)

Staff development (8)

Staff management (2)

Staff mentoring (1)

Staffing levels (2)

Staff-user relationships (2)

Standards (3)

Stigma (3)

Strengths-based approach (26)

Stress (2)

Stroke (2)

Substance misuse (3)

Suicide (1)

Support groups (7)

Support workers (2)

Supported employment (1)

Supported housing (10)

Surveys (11)

Systematic reviews (31)


Moving Memory

Moving Memory Practice example about how the Moving Memory Dance Theatre Company is challenging perceived notions of age and ageing.

Chatty Cafe Scheme

Chatty Cafe Scheme Practice example about how the Chatty Cafe Scheme is helping to tackle loneliness by bringing people of all ages together

Oomph! Wellness

Oomph! Wellness Practice example about how Oomph! Wellness is supporting staff to get older adults active and combat growing levels of social isolation


KOMP Practice example about how KOMP, designed by No Isolation is helping older people stay connected with their families

LAUGH research project

LAUGH research project Practice example about a research project to develop highly personalised, playful objects for people with advanced dementia
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