Making events accessible

Choosing a venue: Parking, drop-off points and cycle racks


If there isn’t parking available, identify parking nearby.

Some people who use services travel by car because of lack of access or other difficulties using public transport. It is essential to use venues that have access/Blue Badge parking. Spaces for Blue Badge holders should be wider than standard spaces to allow people to get wheelchairs and other equipment in and out of their cars and ease of access.

Other people who use services said that for some people who were unable to hold a driving license, or who faced financial restrictions as a direct result of their impairment, use cycling as their primary form of transport. They were keen to point out that not only should there be secure parking for bicycles but that it should be available for non-standard cycles such as tricycles and tandems.

Service users made the following comments:

Some locations i.e. hotels/motels say they are disabled friendly but then don’t have parking.

Disabled parking bays need to be reserved and the venue needs to ensure they are kept clear... This also means that the extra space at the side of the car is kept clear and that bikes don’t park there. I have had to wait for bikers to return before I can get into my own car.

I have been to many car parks where you have to lean out of the window and get a ticket before you can proceed. This is impossible for me to do.