Making events accessible

The event: After the event


Evaluation of the event – from the perspective of the people who use services – can be extremely helpful in the planning of future events. Evaluation forms should be simple, straightforward and available in different formats.

Ensure people get home

It is good practice for the hosts of the event to remain behind until the last of the participants has left. Travelling for most people who use services can be stressful, however well your journey has been planned - there is always room for the unexpected.

Follow up and contact after the event

Ensure that you have the contact details of the participants and their preferred format for receiving information. It is important to give people who use services  feedback about the issues discussed at an event and the opportunity to comment on any report or article produced as a result of the event. This will help you to maintain good contacts with people who use services who may then be involved in future meetings and events.