Making events accessible

The event: Timing


The comments of people who use services around this issue clearly show that timing an important consideration in making events accessible:

Keeping to time is important – here's an example of why:

Sitting in travel (small portable) electric wheelchairs for long periods is very tiring as they don’t have good supports... so don't say: "Oh well we are near the end of the day so we will carry on without a break". I have planned for the day as advertised… you should stick to the timings too.

Disabled people need more notice of events – and of cancellation of events – than other people. Don't leave things too late. Personal assistance, assistance on public transport etc. takes a long time to arrange, it can be expensive and often can't be cancelled at the last minute without penalties.

Other advice on timing included:

Don’t start meetings too early in the morning. It can take some people who use services a lot longer than other people to get ready.

Travelling in rush hour is not really an option for many people.

Don’t hold meetings after dark.