Making events accessible

Planning the event: Accommodation


Overnight accommodation is likely to be necessary for many people who use services attending national events such as major conferences. It is important not to make assumptions about who might and who might not require this. Some people might need accommodation for a local event. If the venue offers suitable accommodation then this is usually the best choice.

Service users made some important points about this which should be addressed wherever possible:

I find it easier if people find out whether the hotel has what I need and then let me know.

The local tourist board and local disability groups are good sources of information on accessible hotels.

Tracking hoist availability makes a lot of difference to some people who use services, and it's a lot easier for them if the accommodation is in the same place as the event. Check for hotels with tracking hoists at the Ceiling Hoist Users Club.

If the meeting is in the morning, ensure you offer accommodation the previous night – people with some impairments find travelling very tiring.