Making events accessible

Planning the event: Advertising the event appropriately


Advertising for your event should:

While the most effective way to attract people who use services to an event is through ‘word of mouth’, it is important that you advertise all events you organise. The extent of advertising and the ability to make it available in different formats will obviously be limited by the budget for an event.

Service users said it is particularly important to be clear about access arrangements when advertising an event. People also offered the following advice:

Make it easy to read, so that people with dyslexia can read short sentences, with one subject per sentence.

Do not assume everyone has access to a computer. Include as a minimum address and telephone number for contact – be sure to keep this consistent in all information.

If you advertise on any websites, make sure they are accessible.

Let people know about the event as early as possible – this gives people time to arrange transports, PAs/carers etc.

Mention accessibility arrangements in all publicity.