Protecting adults at risk in London: Good practice resource

Investigator’s report

The safeguarding adults investigation report is key to the safeguarding process. It draws together all the information relevant to the allegation of abuse or exploitation. It presents an analysis of this information, keeping the alleged victim central to the process, and enables the safeguarding conference to make sound, professional, evidence-based decisions on the protection of individuals and others. An investigation report must be thorough and objective, be written in precise and clear language, make a distinction between fact and opinion and state the evidence that accounts for both.

Each London local authority will have a particular format for their investigation report, perhaps linked to their computerised system. This section represents what is good practice and, as such, is not prescriptive as to exactly how investigation reports should be completed. It lists what elements a good investigation report should contain, to which London local authorities can add any local requirements. Ensuring these elements are included in all reports will enable consistency across London and better inter-borough working.


Each London borough will have its own management arrangements for reviewing the content of and approving investigation reports prior to distribution. Managers will be aware that crucial decisions are made based on the information presented in an investigation report, so they need to be satisfied that systems are in place to ensure a consistent high standard of report writing.