SCIE Annual Review 2009-10

Supporting innovation

SCIE's Good Practice Framework provides a unique online platform for all of the social care workforce to communicate their good work and to learn from one another

Bernard Walker, ADASS

SCIE has explored new, innovative approaches to both learning and practice this year.

As well as presenting research and guidance on innovative practice that is already happening in social care (for example personalisation, telecare and safeguarding) we have produced a range of new tools to support organisations and staff to be creative with their own resources.

We live and work in an increasingly digital world. Whether it's researching the latest policy or practice guidance, or completing assessments and care plans – everyone in social care needs to use computers and IT. This year has seen SCIE launch a range of new digital guides and add to our suite of films on Social Care TV. We were also asked by the Department of Health to run the Get Connected grants scheme for adult social care providers who struggle with effective use of IT. To date, the scheme has distributed grants to 663 organisations. These are being used to purchase IT equipment and provide training for care workers to improve the efficiency of their practice through IT.

All social care practitioners need to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in social care and to have the opportunity to reflect on their practice and learn new skills. SCIE's Good Practice Framework is helping organisations to evaluate and share their practice with others and provide case studies for learning.

In order to continue our own organisational development, SCIE signed a concordant with our French counterpart, ANESM in November 2009, to share knowledge and learning in response to the similar social care challenges we face. We also developed our capacity to look at the cost-effectiveness of social care interventions, not just whether they work. This activity will grow in importance as the need to spend every pound wisely also grows.