SCIE Annual Review 2009-10

Personalising care

Your [personalisation guide] is the best summary of the process I have seen

Innovations Manager for Rotherham Council

The personalisation of adult social care has progressed rapidly over recent years, with important developments in relation to choice and control (not least through personal budgets), the social care workforce and regulation, commissioning and the role of user-led organisations.

To reflect these changes, SCIE updated our flagship publication 'Personalisation: a rough guide' in April. We have distributed over 45,000 copies of the guide since it was initially published, receiving positive feedback from local authorities and independent providers about how they are using it in training and practice.

As the personalisation agenda moved from the ‘what' to the ‘how', we also added to our series of briefings outlining the implications of personalisation for various groups, including carers, social workers and those working in the NHS. In addition, we have produced a set of personalisation e-learning resources and an online tool for providers to assess their own ‘readiness' to implement personalisation.

As a member of the Transforming Adult Social Care (TASC) group, SCIE maintains the Putting People First website, which is an online hub of information, news and events. We are also supporting the delivery of an online forum and care networks.

We have been working with the Department of Health on the Government's future vision for adult social care and will be a signatory to the new Putting People First Partnership Agreement in November 2010.