SCIE Annual Review 2009-10

Protecting our children

We've brought about changes locally as a consequence of looking at the work produced by SCIE. [There] has been development work with frontline managers using the SCIE toolkits

Director of children's services, England

Safeguarding children is a constant priority for social care services and a continued public concern. SCIE has kept up momentum on our work in this area over the past year.

The SCIE ‘systems' model for serious case reviews, which looks not just at what happened, but at 'why' certain decisions were taken by workers, has been welcomed by families' and children's services. 2010 saw regional pilots of this approach rolled out in the North West and the German Youth Institute (DJI) twice invited SCIE to present on the model. We will continue to develop this work in line with the findings of the Munro review in the coming year.

Our work on parental mental health and child welfare has also continued to be a focus. SCIE experts have spoken on this topic at a number of events throughout the year and we have launched a specific At a glance briefing for senior managers on how they can implement the guidance in their services. We are conducting pilots of our parental mental health and residential care work in Northern Ireland. In addition, a series of films on different aspects of parental mental health are available on Social Care TV.

Early intervention and prevention are crucial elements of safeguarding vulnerable children, as is supporting transition from children's to adults' services. The Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children's and Young People's Services (C4EO) has produced reports on early intervention, knowledge reviews on three priority areas for vulnerable children and research reviews for their Schools and Communities, Youth and Families, Parents and Carers themes this year. As part of the C4EO consortium, SCIE has also led the development of audience-specific e-learning resources on Early Years, Child Poverty and Safeguarding. In other partnership work, SCIE launched joint guidelines with NICE on promoting quality of life for looked-after children, which emphasises the need to listen to children and young people, to put them at the heart of decision making, and to support them in exploring their personal story.