SCIE Annual Review 2009-10

Respecting older people

[The Dementia Gateway] is absolutely brilliant… [SCIE] set that up with quite a lot of engagement with the sector - that's why I think it was successful

Provider umbrella organisation, England

With an ageing population and people living longer with more chronic health conditions, care and support for older people is more of a social care (and health) priority than ever before. It is an area where professionals, people with dementia and their carers need practical advice and support.

In 2009, SCIE developed the Dementia Gateway – an online resource, housing a range of information and guidance about dementia, aimed at practitioners, carers and people with dementia themselves. Topics include types of dementia, symptoms, myths and experiences. Many important, but less talked-about aspects of dementia are also covered, such as what dementia isn't, the need for positive communication and how to overcome common difficulties. The Gateway has received an extremely positive response and media coverage via the BBC website and Radio 2's dementia season. Our Open dementia programme e-learning resource also won second prize at the Jorum Learning and Teaching Competition 2010. In related work, we also provided social care knowledge for the NICE quality standards on Dementia and Stroke.

Maintaining dignity and promoting self-respect is an essential part of social care. SCIE's 'Dignity in care' guide has been one of our most popular products since its launch in 2006. We updated the guide in 2010 to take into account the latest research and new practice examples. The focus throughout is on what older people and others using services have said themselves about why dignity is important and what might threaten dignity. The design and structure of the online guide was re-developed as part of SCIE's digital plan, which aims to produce online, interactive resources, with user-input into their development.