SCIE Annual Review 2009-10

Building a better workforce

93 per cent of existing SCIE users surveyed said SCIE's resources have increased their knowledge and understanding and 71 per cent say they have helped them communicate best practice

In a changing social care climate, it is vital that people working in social care have the skills, support and motivation they need to improve outcomes for people using services and those who care for them.

The role of social workers continues to be prominent in the media. SCIE has been instrumental in helping to set up The College of Social Work, following the recommendations of the Social Work Task Force. The College will represent and support social workers and help maintain standards for the profession.

Newly qualified social workers (NQSWs) face a blizzard of information and the challenging task of translating knowledge into practice. To help NQSWs in their first year of practice, SCIE launched an online resource specifically for them this year.

Excellent social care depends on a culture of continuous professional development. Our annual student campaign for 2010 was sent to social work students and lecturers, offering resources which support the core curriculum for social work education and training. A key component of the curriculum is human growth and development. This year, we added to our resources in this area with a new report on human growth in relation to mental health and older people. We also produced two new reports on building user and carer involvement in social work education, highlighting the importance of participation.

Strong social care leadership is required to embed effective social care practice. In response to the transformation agenda for social care, SCIE also led two training programmes for developing leadership in 2009-10: 'Leading for the new agenda' and 'Leading transformation,' to support new managers.