SCIE Annual Review 2010-11

SCIE’s support to the social care workforce

SCIE's Learning Together is a really important contribution to children’s services.

Colin Green, Director – Children, Learning and Young People, Coventry City Council

Working with families and children

Keeping children and young people safe and supporting them to develop is a recurring priority for social care.

SCIE’s families’ and children’s work this year has been high profile.The Munro Review, published in July 2011, recommended that all Local Safeguarding Children Boards should adopt ‘systems’ methods in serious case reviews and learning from practice

SCIE’s Learning Together model has been recognised as a workable systems model for this purpose and we have spent much of this year supporting implementation of the model in multiple sites.

We produced an At a glance briefing to share learning from the North West pilots and two Social Care TV films explaining the model.

The Government is committed to investigating a ‘whole family’ approach to families with multiple problems, including mental health and substance misuse problems. SCIE’s Think Child, Think Parent, Think Family approach encourages social care professionals to consider the impact on the whole family when addressing these difficult issues.

This year, we piloted our approach to parental mental welfare in England and Northern Ireland and produced an interim evaluation report of the findings.

We also produced an At a glance briefing for senior managers about how they can implement the approach locally.

This was the third year of the Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People’s Services (C4EO) consortium. SCIE’s role as a core partner in the consortium has been to deliver the outputs – print and web resources which present research and guidance for the sector, and to lead on two themes: Safeguarding and Vulnerable Children.

In this final year of the first phase, we launched e-learning resources tailored for different groups of professionals, produced cross-cutting messages for the health sector, and supported the collection of Validated Local Practice examples to share good practice.

C4EO has received government and sector support and SCIE is proud of our contribution to sharing evidence of ‘what works’ through this consortium.