SCIE Annual Review 2010-11

SCIE’s contribution to supporting the personalisation of adult social care

SCIE's online resources on personalisation and commissioning are easy to use and helpful when researching innovative practice in other organisations. In the current financial climate, it is vital to save time by accessing these materials, where others have already found solutions.

Jeremy DeSouza, Head of Finance for Adults and Community Services at the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Making care personal

As personalisation has become more embedded in social care, attention has turned to how to improve processes and make services more efficient, whilst still ensuring choice and control.

SCIE’s report Personalisation, productivity and efficiency examined how the implementation of personal budgets, new business processes and co-production could result in improved outcomes for people who use services, without costing more than traditional services.

We also produced Getting Personal – a web tool to help providers to measure their progress towards personalisation, in conjunction with the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG), and a suite of Social Care TV films Commissioning for a personalised world.

To support decisions about improving processes, we produced a report Keeping personal budgets personal, which presented the experiences of older people and people with mental health problems in using personal budgets.

SCIE also began hosting the Think Local, Act Personal website and Dignity in Care Network this year, both of which support practice in terms of providing personalised care and support.