SCIE Annual Review 2010-11

SCIE is at the leading edge in ensuring social work and social care staff have easy access to relevant knowledge, best practice guidance and sound evidence to inform their practice. I can think of no other organisation nationally or internationally that manages to bridge the gap between research and hands-on practice so effectively.

Sean Holland, Chief Social Services Officer, DHSSPS, Northern Ireland


This year, SCIE marks its tenth anniversary. During this time social care has seen great change and faced great challenges. Over the past ten years, SCIE has built up a broad and reliable evidence base about what works to improve the lives of people who use services – this is what our customers tell us that they value the most.

SCIE has changed as people’s lives and the delivery of social care has changed. We help with the ‘how’ that arises from social care policy. This year we have started to help people to implement our practice guidance within their organisations. We have been working directly with employers in implementing the Mental Capacity Act and are expanding our Training and Consultancy services in other areas where we know that the evidence and guidance that we have can improve practice.

People don’t differentiate between health and social care and so we need to work together to provide care and support.The past year has seen significant developments in our work on integration, as joint NICE/ SCIE work on looked-after children and health and social care quality standards has progressed; alongside our guidance for GP commissioners on commissioning services across health and social care. Taking a holistic approach to care and support cuts across both adults’ and children’s services. Our guidance on mental health service transitions for young people, and families with multiple problems, promotes this approach.

The progress of personalisation in social care is seeing more people taking control of the services they receive – not just in terms of delivery, but also design and evaluation. SCIE’s resources on personalisation, efficiency and personal budgets provide evidence for commissioning personalised services. In the coming year we will provide further resources to help people who use services to make decisions about the care and support they want to purchase.

When SCIE says something works, we say it with great confidence. More and more people now use SCIE as a first point of reference and we take great encouragement from that. We hope to continue to support social care in meeting challenges and improving lives into the future.