SCIE Annual Review 2010-11

SCIE’s work towards integrating health and social care services

The practical ideas in [SCIE’s At a glance on clinical commissioning] will provide a welcome indication of how we can improve ... practice ... across our commissioning group ... I think it’s a great resource.

Dr Robert Varnam, Clinical Lead for Commissioning, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

Working together

Integration between health and social care services has become increasingly vital to providing personalised care, improving outcomes for people using services and making the best use of scarce resources.

With an ageing population, people are living longer with more complex long-term conditions that require support from both health and social care.

A divide between services doesn’t make sense to most people, who want to be able to access services that meet all of their needs.

The NHS and local authorities face a tough spending climate that requires resources to be used in the most efficient way.

SCIE has made significant progress in promoting integration over the past year. We produced an At a glance briefing to help clinical commissioners to work jointly with social care services in supporting people with long-term conditions.

Our work this year has highlighted some of the cost benefits and improved outcomes from pooling health and social care budgets to provide integrated care packages.

We have been working directly with the health sector; producing joint guidelines with the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) on looked-after children. SCIE and NICE will be building on this work over the coming year as we pilot NICE quality standards.