e-Learning: Communication skills

Published: 2008

These e-learning resources are freely available to all users. Through audio, video and interactive uses of technology, they provide the user with an engaging look at the principles of good communication skills and how to apply these to practice.

The resources also support learning and teaching for the Health and Social Care Diploma, levels 2 and 3. You can see how the modules map across to the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) by downloading the QCF mapping document.

Overview of communication skills in social work

The importance of effective communication, communication in practice, underpinning knowledge, principles and skills.

Forming and maintaining relationships

Importance of relationships in social work, self knowledge, personal qualities and professional attributes that aid relationship building.

Providing information and explaining

developing a shared agenda with the service user, planning and preparation, establishing and agreeing purpose, explaining and providing information.

Gathering information

Observation skills, listening skills, question types, creative ways of gathering information.

Barriers to communication

Understanding factors that can disrupt or confuse communication, planning to reduce communication barriers.

Particular communication needs

Introduction to particular communication needs, sensory and cognitive impairment, understanding and working with communication needs.

Communicating in challenging situations

What is meant by ‘challenging situations’, defensive behaviour including, silence, mistrust and aggression, breaking bad news.

Using play and the creative arts to communicate with children and young people

Why play based methods can help children communicate, how to use visual imagery, creative writing, stories and music as communication tools.

Communicating through action and other means of communication

Practical support and help, communicating at a distance, record keeping, presentation skills.

Communication across cultural and social differences

Dilemmas that can arise across cultural and social divides, the impact of identity, beliefs and culture on communication.