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Work through SCIE’s free health and social care e-learning resources, which have been produced for frontline staff by subject experts and digital design professionals.

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Adult care and support

Adult safeguarding

A resource looking at what adult safeguarding means and considering how safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. (2016)

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Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)

An updated version will be launched in Autumn 2017.

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Mental Capacity Act

Exploring the Mental capacity act including best interests decision making and how to support people to make their own decisions. (2016)

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An in-depth introduction to dementia and the experience of living with the disease. 7 modules (2009)

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Understanding and delivering person centred care

One page profiles

Helps you learn about person-centred practice by completing a one-page profile. (2017)

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Looks at how to support individuals through the personalisation process. 2 modules (2017).

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How to support people to regain the ability to look after themselves following illness or injury. (2013). An updated version is in development.

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The mental health of older people

Explores the key issues, research, messages, policies and approaches relating to the mental health of older people. 10 modules (2007)

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Families and parental issues

Parental mental health and families

Exploring the nature of parental mental health and its impact on families. 8 modules (2011)

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Parental substance misuse

Exploring parental substance misuse and the effects on children and parenting capacity. 3 modules (2011)

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Poverty, parenting and social exclusion

Looks at the key aspects of poverty, parenting and social exclusion with particular reference to children and families. 9 modules (2008)

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Sexual, reproductive and mental health

Looks at the key aspects of sexual and reproductive health in the context of mental illness. 8 modules (2011)

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Communication and management skills

Communication skills

Explores the principles of good communication skills and how to apply these to practice. 10 modules (2008)

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Interprofessional & inter-agency collaboration

Looks at how to improve collaborative practice between professionals and agencies. 7 modules (2009)

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Managing knowledge to improve social care

Explores the principles of knowledge management for individuals and organisations. 9 modules (2010)

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Organisational change in Social Care

A resource to support managers working in adult social care to be more knowledgeable about, and confident in the application of different approaches to managing change.

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The following courses have been de-listed pending updates. We are unable to provide a re-publishing date at this time

An introduction to residential child care

An introduction to different residential care settings and the needs that children in care may have. 3 modules (2008)

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Children of prisoners

An introduction to the issues of children who are affected by the loss of a parent or carer to prison. 3 modules (2008)

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Managing risk, minimising restraint

Explores the nature of managing risk and minimising restraint when working with older people in care homes. 3 modules (2009)

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