e-Learning: Interprofessional and inter-agency collaboration (IPIAC)

Published: 2009

These e-learning resources are freely available to all. They provide audio, video and interactive technology to assist in exploring the nature of interprofessional and inter-agency collaboration and in improving collaborative practice.

An introduction to interprofessional and inter-agency collaboration

The nature of collaboration, why it is important, its purposes and its growing place in policy and practice

Professional identity and collaboration

Professional identities and difference, models of practice and ways of sustaining one’s identity and practice within collaborative relationships.

Building relationships, establishing trust and negotiating with other workers

Making initial contact, developing relationships, trust, values, conflict, barriers, self-assessment

Working together to assess needs, strengths and risks

What is assessment, and it’s importance; considering the contributions of other professionals when undertaking an assessment; balancing needs, strengths and risks using a family scenario and their neighbourhood networks.

A model of practice and collaboration

The multiple spheres of practice and collaboration - interpersonal, interprofessional, inter-disciplinary team, inter-agency and community –explored using a ‘model’ and people’s experiences

Working collaboratively in different types of teams

Types of teams, networks, organisations, images, group and team development, roles

The practitioner, the agency and inter-agency collaboration

How agencies shape professional roles and supply key resources, the interdependence of agencies and professionals, and the importance of inter-agency collaboration in supporting and safeguarding service users

Key policy and legislation with implications for interprofessional and inter-agency collaboration

A timeline of collaboration-related policy, commissioned reports and legislation in England and Wales with additional examples relating to people who use care services and to carers