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Alex is chairing the first ACT meeting.

She’s refined the AI objective for this stage to:

“Stakeholders share what is positive about the service.”

She suggests that they set up a meeting for representatives of all the different stakeholder groups. She wants to bring them all together so they can understand each other’s points of view.

The ACT members are generally supportive about the AI approach, but a couple of them have comments.

Image of person with speech bubbles

I know we’re meant to be focusing on the positives. And I agree with that. But surely we have to find out what isn’t working? Because that’s what we have to fix.

In theory, I think it’s a great idea for the stakeholder groups to talk to each other. But in practice, I don’t see it happening. For example, the staff have a lot to say, but they’re probably not going to say it to the new management.