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Involving the residents in the day-to-day activities of the home is going to be quite a big change.

Alex is very pleased when one of her deputy managers, Rob, volunteers to organise a training session with the staff group.

However, when she catches up with him afterwards, he doesn’t seem too happy with the way things went.

From what you know so far... why do you think the session might not have gone well?

Think about this, then click on the question marks to find out what Alex has to say.

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Alex says: Poor Rob! Even though there was general support for involving the residents more, when they started to think what this meant in practice, some of the staff weren’t very keen.

They were worried about the time it would take, and about safety issues. One of them came up with a nightmare vision of what would happen if residents were ‘let loose’ in the kitchen!

Of course remarks like that show that some of the staff need some training! But Rob found it difficult, and backed off, I think. Actually he was quite upset and it was hard to get out of him what actually did happen.