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What do the stakeholders say?

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Resident 1 said: It’s all right. The staff are very nice. But it’s boring. The TV lounge is OK but you don’t want to be in it all the time. Not with what those others want to watch.

Resident 2 said: Drives me mad sometimes. I sit in my room most of the day. My son takes me out for a pint every Saturday, but it’d be nice to get out some other time.

Resident 3 said: The staff are lovely. The food’s OK and you can watch TV. My kids don’t visit much now. But at least I’ve always got someone to talk to here.

Alex’s line manager said: No-one’s saying it’s a bad home. But it’s not really following CQC standards. Well in theory it is, but not in practice. The approach needs to be more person-centred. People need more choice, more control over their own lives.

Family 1 said: Look, at his age, he’s not going to have a great quality of life anywhere. We can’t look after him at home. We come and see him regularly, and we know he’s safe when we’re not there. That’s the most important thing.

Family 1 said: We can trust the staff to do a good job. I’ve got friends with relatives in homes that are a whole lot worse. Believe me.

Family 1 said: It’s not very stimulating. I know my mum’s bored. I’m thinking about moving her nearer where I live. But then I would be the only person she would have in her life. And she does get on with some of the others; her few remaining friends visit her. It’d be a very big move.

The friend of Acorn Homes said: Basically we do fund-raising for Acorns. Most of us have relatives who live there (or used to live there). We appreciate what they do for us, and that’s why we support them.

Staff member 1 said: I’ve been here for years. Rubbish money, no chance of getting promoted. But I stick with it because I love the job. Don’t get much thanks from the management though.

Staff member 1 said: Not all the residential places are filled. That’s not our fault, it’s because the old owners wouldn’t spend any money on the place. But some of the management seem to blame us.

Staff member 1 said: We do the best we can. We take care of our people and keep them safe. But that hasn’t made enough money and now we’ve been sold on. I feel really angry. I’d leave, but I wouldn’t get another job. Anyway, how could I abandon my lovely residents? They need me.