Parental substance misuse: e-Learning course

Published: October 2011 | Free to use | Learning Management System compatible

This free course explores parental substance misuse, its effects on children and parenting capacity and the implications for social work practitioners.

If you are using this resource in Northern Ireland the UNOCINI form is used instead of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) but practitioners will still find the resources useful as an aid for expanding their knowledge about the impact of substance abuse within families.

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Course modules

Understanding substance misuse

An introduction to the different types of substances commonly misused and the effects that these may have on the people taking them.

Implications for children’s social work practice

Explores how parenting capacity may be compromised and how children may be affected by parental substance misuse.

Supporting people who experience abuse

Explores the implications that parental substance misuse has for social work practice and to recognise when an assessment is needed.

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