e-Learning: Poverty, parenting and social exclusion

Published: 2008

These e-learning resources are freely available to all users and, through audio, video and interactive uses of technology, bring alive key aspects of poverty, parenting and social exclusion with particular reference to children and families.

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Poverty is ...

A series of video interviews with service users

Choices... what choices?

An interactive case study

What is ‘povertyism’?

Service user opinions on discrimination

Service user perspectives on good practice

A series of video interviews with service users

Values, parenting and professional roles

Self reflection activity

Incorporating an understanding of poverty into assessments of children and their families

An interactive case study

What resources can you access to help you support families?

An interactive case study

How sensitive to poverty and social exclusion are you in your daily practice?

An interactive survey based on 6 different scenarios

How can your agency support you in accessing and using knowledge to be poverty aware?

Self reflection activity

Additional resources

Video interview and quiz