e-Learning: Poverty, parenting and social exclusion - Additional resources

Video interview

A key aspect of the development of these e-learning resources was the opportunity for families living in poverty, or who have experienced poverty, to share their experiences with us through a series of video interviews.

In one such interview, we talked to Moraene (Mo) Roberts, who has worked with the charity ATD Fourth World for many years and who has worked with many families in poverty.  While we have included excerpts in the e-learning resources from other family members, we thought her experiences and insights into the issues of poverty and social exclusion warranted the inclusion of her entire interview here. It provides a very useful overview of the issues facing families living in poverty and some key lessons for practitioners who are in contact with these families.

Follow the link below to watch Mo share her experiences of living in poverty and working with families who find themselves in poverty.

The interview is unedited and lasts approximately 20 minutes, covering many areas, some of which are highlighted below:

Click here to watch the interview

Quiz - What do you know about poverty, parenting and social exclusion?

During the production of the learning resources we have put together a collection of facts and figures relating to poverty, parenting and social exclusion, which we have turned into a fun and easy to use quiz.

We hope you will use these to support your learning and to increase your background understanding of the topic.